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w  o  h  n  s  t  u  e  c  k  e
m  o  d  e  r  n     t  r  a  d  i  t  i  o  n
Masterpieces of Craftsmanship
Extraordinary Valuable Timeless
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Calotta, Kinderbank, kids bench
Timeless shapes, hidden spaces,  harmonious colors - table 'Caro', chair 'Carlo', chest bench 'Calotta', stool 'Caja'
Caro, Carlo, Calotta Tisch, Stuhl, Bank, table, chair, bench
Caro Kindertisch, Kids table

Ingeniously stowed
'Carlo' & 'Calotta' and
the the desire for colors
Calotta Truhenbank, chest bench
Carlo stuhl, chair, caja, schemel, stool
Paulina Bank, bench, decoration
Cajo Schemel, stool, lavender
Stool 'Caja' with its tiny hidden compartment
Bench 'Paulina' - charming details and plenty of space for friends
Paulina Kinderbank, kids bench
Children set with charms - table 'Leon' and chair 'Louis'
Louis, Leon, Kindertisch und Stuhl, kids table and chair
Manu Regal, shelf
It's not just children who grow in height -
the shelf 'Manu' for your individual layout
Torelino Kinderhochstuhl, high chair
the children high chair
exceptional, safe,
adjustable in height
Castello Kommode, dresser
'Castello' the dresser of desires, suitable for your style - puristic, coloured, changeable - for babies, children and the big ones
Castello Kommode mit Wickelaufsatz, Dresser with changing table
Lettino Kinderbett, childrens bed, kids bed
The bed and sofa 'Lettino' for your kids - manufactury work from solid woods with unique proportions, style and very variable
Lettino Kinderbett, childrens bed, kids bed
Fits everywhere - the side table and bedside table 'Casella'
Casella Nachtisch, Beistelltisch, bed table, side table
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